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Admiralty and Maritime

The admiralty and maritime team of Hansheng comprises a number of admiralty/maritime focused attorneys graduated from famous domestic and overseas law schools. We are of unique advantages and rich experiences in ship building and repairing, ship trading and financing lease. HanSheng represents our clients in building contract negotiation and building project consultation for 100+ ships; shipbuilding arbitration cases for 20+ ships in London; second hand ships purchasing cases for 20+ ships; ship repairing cases for 10+ ships; and leasing cases for several ships. In addition, we also act as legal counsel for dozens of companies and organizations.

Practice areas related to admiralty and maritime include:
· Shipbuilding
· Ship sale and purchase
· Disputes on ship repairing, building and alteration
· International trade and shipping disputes
· Dispute on time charter and bareboat charter
· Ship damage dispute
· Recourse of freight, rent and other costs
· Establishment of foreign invested shipping companies and freight companies
· Registration of mortgage and transfer of ships
· Disputes on port facilities collision and damage
· Application for limitation of liability for maritime claims, setup of limitation fund, dissenting submitting, and other proceedings
· Ship collision investigation, evidence collection, preservation and litigation
· Applying for arrest of ship and goods; applying for an injunction and other maritime preservation measures prior to action
· Vessel/cargo auction
· Disputes about salvage, rescue and wreck removal
· Legal affairs about towage
· General average contribution, security, defense and recovery
· Evidence collection in cases of marine environment pollution, litigations and arbitrations of marine disputes
· Ship financing lease; ship charter formalities
· Ocean shipping insurance claims, exclusions, and subrogation
· Ship insurance claim and denial, cost recovery; ship protection and indemnity insurance
· Insurance matters during ship operation, shipment, ship building and ship trade