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Antitrust and Competition

We are strongly experienced and highly recognized since our attorneys have advised many domestic and overseas clients on anti-trust and competition cases. They are good at customized solution based on expertise, industries and legal contexts.

Practice areas related to antitrust and competition include:
· Rendering legal opinions on possible abuse of dominant market positions
· Providing antitrust analysis for clients on marketing, cooperation and M&A agreements to avoid risks of anti-trust administrative penalty and lawsuits
· Preparing and filing to relevant authorities anti-trust applications regarding cross-border or off-shore merger and acquisition transactions
· Represent clients on declaration of operators concentration and stakeholder counterclaim
· Advising industry associations on how to function properly in compliance with anti-monopoly laws and regulations
· Developing anti-monopoly related compliance strategy/guidance for clients and providing anti/monopoly training
· Advising clients on how to respond to anti-monopoly investigations
· Representing clients in anti-trust and competition-related investigations and proceedings, including civil and administrative cases