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  • Ms. Yang Li joined Shanghai Han Sheng Law Firm as a senior partner in 2022. Ms. Yang Li has been practicing law in Shanghai since 2007, having previously worked as a lawyer, partner, and senior partner in several well-known local law firms.
    Lawyer Yang Li has a profound legal theory foundation and has explored and accumulated rich practical experience in the process of practicing for more than ten years. Lawyer Yang Li is very good at handling civil and commercial litigation and arbitration cases, especially difficult and complex cases and intellectual property rights cases such as copyright, trademark and unfair competition. Since her practice, Lawyer Yang Li has provided legal counsel services for dozens of large, medium and small enterprises. She has also served as the legal counsel for financing parties in many well-known PE institutions leading investment projects, assisting financing parties to successfully achieve financing targets. Mr. Yang also obtained a master's degree in Environmental and resource Protection law. She is now providing professional legal services to many companies in the environmental protection industry. She has also gained rich theoretical and practical experience in the field of energy and natural resources and environmental protection.
    Lawyer Yang Li upholds the case handling philosophy of "every problem has a solution". In the cases she undertook, she often obtained good results through perseverance and repeated detailed analysis of the case, reading files and visiting investigations.

Practice performance:

  • The copyright infringement dispute cases of Van Hua Furniture v. Mei Xuan Industrial and Yun Xuan Industrial, which Lawyer Yang Li represented, were selected as "Top Ten Intellectual Property Judgment Cases with Research Value in China in 2019" and reported by China Intellectual Property News. Acting as an agent of a well-known digital reading platform V. Shanghai famous Entertainment Group concerning a well-known novel unfair competition dispute case, which was reported by Shanghai Legal Channel; Acting for a number of aluminum industry enterprises and a well-known Guangdong aluminum trademark infringement case, acting for the well-known makeup brand "卡姿兰" trademark infringement and unfair competition cases; Served as the legal counsel of a large state-owned enterprise, assisted in introducing a number of overseas patents and know-how; For a long time to provide dispute resolution legal services for an e-commerce company listed in both the US and Hong Kong; Lawyer Yang Li also represented a number of litigation cases which are reported by the State-run media.


  • Bachelor of Law, Jilin University Law School
    Master of Law, Jilin University Law School

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