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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property Rights team comprises attorneys who hold degrees in science, engineer and medicine and are authorized by State Intellectual Property Office with patent agent certification.
We have represented domestic and overseas clients in the mechanical, electronic, oil, chemical, information technology, medical, telecommunication and energy industries in IPR cases. HanSheng has established close relationship with law firms in Europe, the United States, Australia, and other countries in Asia, which allows us to provide clients with quick and accurate legal services around the world on registration of patents, trademarks, domain names, pharmaceuticals, biological species/varieties and other intellectual properties; IPR infringement; technology import and export; and IPR franchise.

IP-related practice areas include:
· Domestic/international patent application; registration of copyright, trademark, domain name and company name;
· Representation in domestic/international disputes of patent, trademark, copyright and domain name
· Inquiry and retrieval of domestic/international intellectual property information
· New drug registration; drug administrative protection
· Domestic/international IPR protection, counterfeiting and unfair competition investigation, infringement investigation and counterclaims
· Protection of IPR in international technology trade, international franchise business, and chain operations
· Due diligence report for technology-related deals
· IPR-related counseling and training
· Protection of business secrets and settlement of business secrets disputes; business secrets protection in Internet era
· Design and implementation for company IPR protection strategy
· Infringement risk analysis
· IP monitor and risk control
· Copyright registration and software registration
· Customs protection of IPR
· Administrative remedies for the enforcement of IPR
· Intellectual property litigations and arbitrations

Intellectual Property Rights Protection Case List:
· Cooperated with one American law firm to assist one American shoe brand UGG to protect its trademark in both China and the U.S. (infringement by Chinese sellers via online sales, like eBay and taobao; litigation filed in the U.S. and judgment was enforced via PayPal and in China against infringers);
· Assisted one well-known American seed company Dupon Pioneer in protecting its patent and plant variety rights in Chinese market (protection was not easy because of local protection in agricultural field but great achievements have been made due to continuous efforts);
· Assisted one leading international grass seed producer Barenbrug in protecting its commercial secrets (several litigations were initiated against former high level management team and co-infringers);
· Assisted one American manufacture company Parker Hannifin in protecting its trademark in Chinese market (counterfeits were sold in Chinese market, quality problems draw great attention to the government, coordinate with search engine, administration bureau of industry and commerce (AIC), liaise with public security bureaus in different cities and finally report to Ministry of Public Security for general coordination);
· Assisted one well-known Chinese cosmetics company Inoherb in protecting its trademark in China (counterfeits factories were cracked down, civil claims were initiated for more than RMB 20milion, criminal liabilities were investigated as well, more than 30 people were put into jail, the market is now clean after three years efforts);
· Assisted one American clothes brand Playboy in protecting its trademark in China (counterfeits were sold both online and via physical stores for years which greatly damage the brand’s reputation);
· Assisted Land Rover in raid action against 2 4S Store in Kunming,
raid action against beer factory in Changsha,
and raid action against trade company in Beijing;
· Assisted Volvo in raid action at Automechanika Shanghai Trade Fair;
· Assisted Heineken in raid action against beer factory in Rui’an City;
· Assisted Adidas in raid action shoe store in Shanghai and Hangzhou;
· Assisted Bayer in aid action against two medical factory in Zhengzhou;
· Assisted Victoria’s Secret in raid action in Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Changsha, Tianjin, Shaoxing and Shanghai;
· Assisted Rolex in raid action in Shenzhen and Haerbin;
· Assisted CK in raid action against apparel store in Hangzhou and Shanghai;
· Assisted Dell in raid action against Taobao store in Shanghai;
· Assisted Paul Frank in raid action against Taobao store in Shanghai.