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Construction and Real Estate

HanSheng has advised many famous real estate enterprises on development, construction, project financing, urban infrastructure BOT/BT/PPP projects financing and key governmental projects.

Practice areas related to real estate financing include:
· General loans and financing for real estate enterprises
· PE investment and financing for real estate projects
· Trust financing for real estate projects
· Real Estate Securitization
· AMC financing for real estate projects

Practice areas related to land investment include:
· Business mode, risks and cooperation conditions and terms
· Agreement with regard to land investment and deals
· Compensation related to requisition and house demolition

Practice areas related to development projects include:
· Structure design and contract preparation for real estate development projects for co-development projects
· Setup of real estate enterprises and land acquisition
· Obtaining, assignment and transfer of state-owned land use rights
· Commodity house advance sale and sale
· Merger and spin-off of real estate enterprise or project-specific companies
· Construction project counseling and dispute resolution

Practice areas related to property operation and management include:
· Legal and tax issues related to property operation
· Asset securitization of operational properties
· Property management

Practice areas related to property M&A include:
· Legal structure of real estate M&A deals
· Project M&A financing
· Legal due diligence
· Document preparation and negotiation of M&A deals
· Approval from and registration with relevant authorities
· Tax and other issues related to M&A

Practice areas related to construction include:
· Preliminary preparation
· Construction contracting, tendering and bidding
· Construction contract development and negotiation
· Construction contract performance and supervision
· Construction contract completion/inspection and delivery
· Construction final auditing
· Construction quality warranty

Practice areas related to BOT/BT/PPP infrastructure projects include:
· Legal due diligence
· Design of deal structure
· Franchise contract
· Financing and guarantee
· Infrastructure operation, management and hand-over