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Employment and Human Resources

Our labor and employment team has extensive expertise and experience in labor and employment laws, and is especially familiar with all aspects of HR management. We are particularly adept at, based on our clients’ special requirements, customizing effective and value-added HR policies in compliance with current laws and regulations. In addition, we can guide our clients to adjust their HR policies to optimize their employment systems, in response to the changes of labor/employment laws and regulations implemented in China.

Practice areas related to employment and HR include:
· Design of human resource policies
· Training related to human resource
· Recruitment of management members
· Drafting employment contracts, employee handbooks, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, and compensation policies
· Management of employment contracts
· Advising on customization of special employment
· Designing and arranging cross-border employment
· Advising on employee redeployment related to acquisitions and mergers
· Advising on planning and implementing workforce reduction plans and strategies
· Advising on optimization of human resources
· Auditing of labor law compliance
· Advising on collective bargaining negotiation and dispute resolution
· Representing clients in employment-related mediation, settlement discussions, arbitration and litigation