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Security and Capital Market

The security and capital market group at HanSheng has participated in the consultation process hosted by China’s security authorities for many times. They represent a wide variety of clients in legal issues related to China’s main board, SME board, GEM and New OTC Market. Many enterprises successfully got listed on the security markets of Hong Kong, Australia, the U.S. as well as other countries with the assistance of HanSheng. Meanwhile, we actively advice many Chinese companies which are implementing the “Go Global” strategy promoted by the Chinese government. HanSheng is among a small group of elite firms which can handle dispute cases related to funds. Several fund dispute cases of noticeable influence have been properly resolved through the efforts of our attorneys. Due to these achievements, HanSheng is widely recognized by our clients.

Practice areas related to capital market include:
· Domestic and oversea IPO, and listing on New OTC Market
· Refinance (listed companies)
· Backdoor listing
· Acquisition, merger, spin-off, major assets restructuring, delisting and relisting of listed companies
· Compliance and corporate governance (listed companies)
· Management incentive plan and employee stock option plan

Practice areas related to bond market include:
· Corporate bonds
· Enterprise bonds
· Financial bonds
· Short-term financing bonds
· Medium term notes

Practice areas related to asset securitization include:
· Securitization planning (schema and structure)
· Drafting and review of securitization-related documents
· Advice on securitization projects
· Filing with and seeking approval from securitization regulatory authorities

Practice areas related to PE include:
· Setup of PE and fund management company
· Post-investment and exit
· Internal governance of PE and fund management company
· Post-filing, investment and financing
· Dispute resolution and remedy