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Shanghai Pudong E-Commerce Industry Association visited Hansheng Law Offices


On April 10, 2018, executive vice president Zhang Lihua, general secretary Huangyue, leader of member service department Fangmin of Shanghai Pudong Electronic Commerce Industry Association visited Hansheng Law Offices. Senior Partner Liwen warmly welcomed these leaders. Liwen made detailed introduction and report about Hansheng Law Offices, mainly including the establishment and merger, development model, business areas and development planning of Hansheng Law Offices, which has become one of the largest law firms in Pudong District through platform integration and continuous development since it’s establishment in 2015. Subsequently, vice president Zhang Lihua introduced Pudong E-Commerce Industry Association, which was set up by voluntary e-commerce enterprises in Pudong with support by Commerce Commission and Civil Affairs Bureau of Pudong District, which is also an open, real advocating entire e-commerce consulting service platform, as well as a service platform of communication, application and service in the commercial information and economic globalization.

Both parties conducted a heated discussion on e-commerce and internet finance fields, and gave specific comments and ideas about law firm’s development in e-commerce.

After the meeting, vice president Zhang Lihua gave a high praise and affirmation on the development scale, management ideas and personnel training of Hansheng Law Offices, both parties achieved cooperation intention on Hansheng Law Offices to be the perennial legal advisor for Shanghai Pudong E-Commerce Industry Association.