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  • Lawyer He Zhengcai, a postgraduate student of Hunan University, visiting professor at the Law School of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, guest supervisor of the sixth and seventh sessions of the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Legal Professional Committee, Hunan Provincial Lawyers Association Deputy Director of the Legal Affairs Professional Committee, Deputy Director of the Hunan Bar Association's Special Committee on Political Participation and Politics, Hunan Province's 2016 Most Popular SME Service Expert, 2017 "China Law Yearbook", and an outstanding lawyer in Changsha City.

Practice performance:

  • Since practising as a lawyer, he has performed his duties with due diligence, has good political literacy, profound theoretical knowledge and quite rich practical experience, and has served as a legal adviser of several government departments, especially good at handling major and complex civil and commercial cases and civil and criminal cases,including In-depth litigation and criminal defense of duty crimes and entrepreneur economic crimes. The classic cases handled by him are included in national literature such as "China Contemporary Outstanding Lawyers", "Chinese Law Yearbook", "Chinese Lawyers", etc. There are many successful cases handled by him of innocent defense and retrial applications, and they have been approved by China Legal Network and China Law Network, Law and Social Network, China Daily, Consumer Daily and many other media reports.


  • Hunan University Master of Laws

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