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Working Language

  • - Chinese


  • Liu Hui, senior partner of Hansheng Law Firm, Secretary of the Party branch of Shanghai Hansheng (Changsha) law firm, and member of the Professional Committee of Corporate Legal Affairs of Hunan Lawyers Association, member of the Professional Committee on enterprise and Private Legal Counsel of the Changsha Bar Association, member of the Professional Committee on banking and Banking Legal Affairs of the Changsha Bar Association, member of the Special Committee on Public Welfare and Public Legal Services of the Changsha Bar Association, he was a member of the Fifth Council of the Bar Association of Xiangtan Xiangtan and a member of the Party Committee of the Bar Association of the Chinese Communist Party.

Practice performance:

  • Emily is a senior lawyer, lawyer from more than 10 years, theory basic skills of law, legal practice experience, work rigorous, serious, responsible, good communication and coordination ability, the enterprise legal advisory services, corporate governance, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration cases complicated details agent, equity structure design, construction and real estate, labor and personnel, finance and other fields has accumulated rich experience. He was successively awarded the honorary titles of "Advanced Individual in the Activity of Pioneering and striving for Excellence in the National Lawyer Industry" and "Outstanding Communist Party Member in Hunan Judicial Administration System" by the Guiding Group of Lawyers Industry Innovation and Striving for Excellence activity of The Ministry of Justice, The Party Group of Hunan Provincial Department of Justice, and the Party Committee of Xiangtan City Lawyers Association.


  • Law undergraduate, Hunan University of Science and Technology

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